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Stencil - A Protobuf schema registry JAM 🍺

3 min read

Recently we had a JAM 🍺 session at GOJEK to build dependency graph of a proto file descriptor in stencil. Stencil is a Protobuf schema registry that enables you to create, maintain and consume protobuf messages and APIs dynamically, efficiently, and reliably.

GRPC - Part 1: Understanding gRPC and HTTP/2

8 min read

Two separate applications need an intermediary to communicate with each other. gRPC, a primary models for API design is modern, high performance framework for building large-scale, distributed applications over remote procedure call (RPC) protocols. It uses HTTP/2 for transport and Protocol Buffers as the interface description language

MDX bundler with Next.JS

4 min read

MDX is just an extension of Markdown that allows you to import and write JSX in your markdown documents.

Error handling in Golang

7 min read

Unlike other language, golang does explicit error checking. In golang, errors are values and we can transform any type into error by implementing the error interface which has a single Error() method.